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Orchid Partners with LiquidVPN

Orchid Partners with LiquidVPN

Mar 2, 2020

Orchid continues to gain new partners as it seeks to build a more fair, more private, and more secure internet. Today, Orchid announces a partnership with LiquidVPN, one of the fastest and most popular VPN services.

LiquidVPN, first established in 2013, hosts servers in 20 cities spread across 11 countries. Every server has a minimum guaranteed 1 Gbps speed, so users do not have to sacrifice their speed for their security.

Users can pay for private bandwidth from LiquidVPN on a per-byte basis using Orchid’s native currency, OXT, available on Coinbase. Existing LiquidVPN subscribers can use their credentials in the Orchid app, and even combine them with other privacy providers to construct multi-hop routes.

LiquidVPN founder Dave Cox said: “VPNs are an essential tool for security-conscious internet users, and Orchid has added new levels of utility and consumer choice to the VPN market. We know that they will be great partners as we work together to keep our users and their data secure.”

Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Orchid’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “Orchid’s privacy network is growing every day, with more and more reliable bandwidth providers joining the platform. Our partnership with LiquidVPN is another step toward making privacy a community experience.”

Download the Orchid app to control your privacy in a new way here.

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